Thefts on the rise as police arrest two individuals on burglary charges

Two industrial has been arrested on theft charges for stealing MVR 75,000 from Biz Mobile according to Maldives Police Service.

Maldives Police Services reveled that in relation to the theft 36 year old women and 38 year old man was brought under police custody. Both individual have now confessed on the theft. The police have now recovered MVR 62,000 with of goods and have to the owner. Currently are now on getting the remaining items

The man whom is attested has previously recorded for theft and has been release for rehabilitation to Maldives Correctional Service. He has been again place under Maldives Correctional Service due to failure in second chance reviving him self in society.

As of now we can see theft and robberies have been on the rise.Another such case was last week when 1.75 million was stolen from Apollo Holding.

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