74 places and homes under monitoring and quarantine

The first Male’s Corona case made headlines when locals tested positive. The following lead to many cases to come up. We would like to share with you the list of places that has been place under monitoring and quarantine.

Monitoring and Quarantine list

Malé City

Maafannu ward
1) M. Jareemaage
2) M. Yaazoom/ 3rd Floor
3) M. Everblue
4) M. Venus
5) M. Flight View
6) M. Hadhaanuge
7) M. Kandoogasdhoshuge, 1A
8) M. Loakashi, 3C
9) M. Kulunuvehi, 5D
10) M. Kudhehi Gasdhoshuge, 7B
11) M. Juliet House, 1st floor
12) M. Naagoshivilla, 2nd Floor
13) M. Dhaaliya 3A
14) M. Veeza, 5th Floor
15) M. White Pigeon, 5th Floor
16) M. Dhillee Villa, 5th Floor

Mahchangoalhi ward
17) Ma. Neeza
18) Ma. Kosheege
19) Ma. Felix
20) Ma. Kandubalaage
21) Ma. Aasima Manzil
22) Ma. Binkolhu, Ground Floor
23) Ma. Eastern Lagoon, 4A
24) Ma. Aadhipparu, 6B
25) Ma. Dhanas, 7th Floor

Galolhu ward
26) G. Vashafaru
27) G. Farukani
28) G. Koashak
29) G. Nashid Villa, 2nd Floor
30) G. Pakaruge, 2nd Floor
31) G. Maajehige (Hulhangu Bai), 4th Floor
32) G. Mauzoom, 5th Floor
33) G. Selita, 6th Floor
34) G. Workhouse Feeroazge, 6B
35) Male Square A806
36) Ameen Avenue Teak 905

Henveyru ward
37) H. Gloriosa
38) H. Blue Dream
39) H. Kafuloage
40) H. Raiykuredhiaaru
41) H. Hidhaayath
42) H. Hundred Flowers
43) H. Park Side
44) H. Halavelimaage
45) H. Nooali, 1st Floor
46) H. Tedral, 2A
47) H. White Shadow, 3B
48) H. Begonia, 6th Floor
49) H. Mahidhoo, 7th Floor
50) H. Fenigellidhaage, 7th floor

1) Hulhumale’ Flat 112 6-04
2) Hulhumale’ Flat 97 302
3) Hulhumale’ Lot No.10035, 2nd Floor
4) Hulhumale’ Lot No.11090
5) Hulhumale’ Lot No: 11296 1B
6) Hulhumale’ Flat 123-1-05
7) Hulhumale’ Flat 123-1-05
8) Lonuveli 4th Floor
9) Hulhumale Lot No. 10469 2nd Floor
10) Hulhumale Lot No. 10161 3rd Floor
11) Hulhumale Flat 78-2-05

Addu City (S. {Addu} Atoll)
1) Noomasvaadhee, S. Hithadhoo
2) Vahtheenige, S.Hithadhoo
3) Sofa, S. Maradhoo

G.A. Atoll
Tharividhaage, G.A. Kolamaafushi

G.Dh. Atoll
Dhiusham, G.Dh. Rathafandhoo

H.A. Atoll
1) Niyadhurumaage, H.A. Vashafaru
2) Rabee’ee Manzil, H.A. Dhidhoo
3) Noo Villa, H.A. Uligan
4) Kaanigasdhoshuge, H. A. Utheem
5) Hide Park, H. A. Utheemu

H.Dh. Atoll
Fini Handhuvaruge, H.Dh. Hanimaadhoo

Meemu Atoll
Thinadhooge, M. Dhiggaru

Raa Atoll
Soama, R. Maduvvari

Total: 74 homes and places placed under monitoring and quarantine.

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