STO will not purchasing Watermelon from local farmers

The COVID-19 outbreak has put a lot restriction for local farmers to sell there produce. Even though State Trading Organisation (STO) previously have told that they would be buying produce from farmers in Maldives but water melon is excluded from the list according to STO Managing Director Amru.

According to Amru they only buy food which are mainly eaten and sweet items such as watermelon is excluded as it not generally eaten.

STO has specified certain type of items that they would be buy from locals famers. Amru also stated that the Economic Ministry has put a great plan in action to help with local produce deliveries to Male’ and distribution.

Even though this maybe the case Thodhoo Island one the largest watermelon producers are facing a to have a huge issue in there produce. There has been more than 500 tons with of watermelon produced and now they have noted the produce is going to waste. As they are not able to sent to sale in Male’

Now the government has stepped in and they would facilitate in the delivery of watermelons to Male’. But due to this decisions farmers are left with less options and they are depending on government aid to sell these watermelon. Farmers in Thodhoo is hopeful with the facilitation of transportation of Watermelon this would help to sell private business in Male’.

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