COVID19: The Unsung Heroes Part II

While some of our heroes are working day and night treating the patients, some are working behind the scenes to ensure that the whole response system to the pandemic is well oiled and maintained. Today’s hero doesn’t wear a cape, he wears something better. He’s a solider at the Maldives National Defense Force who like many others, have left their families behind at home and is now on national duty.

Sargent Ilham as his daughter.

For people like Sargent Ilham, leaving his wife and daughter and rolling out on national duty is a sacrifice he has to take every day. But the situation changed with the spread of the current pandemic COVID19 and fear and anxiety has gripped the whole nation. Now the small family of Sargent Ilham eagerly waits for his return from duty hoping for this dark chapter in our history to end.

Celebrating its 128th anniversary, Maldives National Defense Force has been actively working with the authorities to provide aid in many forms from delivery of food to the public to providing transport and help with the cleanup and disinfection of quarantined buildings and stores. Individuals like Sargent Ilham who take this risk so the rest of us can stay safe are the unsung heroes of this pandemic. Sargent Ilham and his fellow soldiers are have the gratitude of the team here at Maldives Viewer for their invaluable service to this nation. We salute you.

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