Inhumane quarantine conditions towards expats is unacceptable

Rooms in Vilivaru for quarantine expats in Vilivaru

Villivaru a former resort is now currently being used as a quarantine island for COVID-19. Since then many patients have been taken to the island for quarantine.

News have surfaced of expat workers being mistreated with poor living conditions provided during quarantine period. It has been reported Bangladeshi Nationals whom tested positive has been put into old broken down area of the resort.

Toilet and Bathroom conditions without proper water and sanitation.

In accordance with some of Bangladeshi sources. They are working for Lily and Bright brothers. All these expats on are holding legal visa. Despite that quarantine facilities provided for them has no proper running water and no proper ventilation. The pictures share to us shows they are set on old bunk beds which have torn mattresses. The Bangladeshi whom have been quarantine is facing a lot more health issue due to the quarantine facility they have put it.

After news surfaced on social media about the case on inhuman quarantine conditions news reporter had questioned to Mabrook on the situation. Mabrook said he had no clue and they don’t normally keep people like that.

Living quarters in Vilivaru for expats whom tested positive for COVID-19

Since then social media went on field day on this inhuman situation. Now news reports have come stating that Bangladeshi nationals would be changed to a better accommodation.

Q&A session by the Media. One reporter asking the question about the expat

In light of this situation many human rights groups has always criticized the Maldives for ill treatment of migrant workers. It is sad to see such situations happening over and over in the Maldives. As Maldivian we should treat human as human beings with care and human dignity. It’s a shame that Maldivians treat people with such lower conditions and most certainly how would you feel if someone treated you the same. Please have a heart for human life and dignity.

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