MP Ahmed Saleem urges everyone to sell their dollars to the government

Hoarafushi Constitutency Parliament member Ahmed Saleem urges locals whom have dollar to submit their dollars to the government. In return, the government should purchase the dollars at a reasonable rate.

Speaking today at a Majlis online season MP Saleem urged everyone whom has the capability should sell their dollars to the government. The MP stated people have no reason to keep dollars in their dollar saving because their no way to invest the money nor spend it during this time. The MP also spoke about getting the full corporation of local banks whom the government has sold treasury bills to. The PM highlighted on revising the budget and changing it into a crisis budget at this time.

As per today’s Majlis session was mostly focused on easing the restrictions on the financial responsibility act. Many MP has stated that they cannot simply agree to write a check to the finance minister.

Currently the government main resources on revenue are being closed due to COVID-19. Many international organizations have started to provide aid and loans to support the government.

MP speaking about selling dollars

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