Villa Shipping and Trading would pay its employees only MVR 1000

In regards to COVID-19 outbreak the economic downturn has lead many companies to cut cost. One such company is Villa Shipping and Trading where they would pay all there employees only MVR 1000 (US 65) per month.

The leader of Jumooree Party (Republican Party) Gasim Ibrahim owned company has put out a circular stated even though the company would be paying march month salary despite the global situation putting the companies revenue to be low.

Earlier due to the COVID-19 out break villa had informed that salary would be reduced between 10 to 15 percent. But later the according to the new circular brought out the company would be paying MVR 1000 ( US 65 ) per person bon a monthly basis. Also noted if the resort operations would be able to come into operation by June end the company would have to make a decision.

As a per the global COVID-19 have put many resorts out of business and lead to resort closers. Many have been left in various situations where employers are force to fire many people and put employees out on the streets.

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