Dhaalu Meedhoo quarantine people on vessels docked inside jetty

Vessels are being inside the jetty of Dhaalu Meedhoo have been asked not enter island the island. In light of this a small speedboat containing four people and one Dhoni contain twelve people have been asked not enter the island but to quarantine themselves on the vessels.

According to locals the decisions were made by the COVID-19 taskforce with the support of local council. The follow groups have warned both vessels not allow passengers to step foot on the island.

the at the reason these decision was made. In the case of speed boat transfering quarantine individual in Kandima resorts to Velana International Airport was the issue. Even though HPA has said they could enter the island it’s seems the island task force wouldn’t agree to the terms.

Looking into the case of the Dhoni it has been docked inside the jetty and have said they have a passengers whom visited lily store and they can’t let them on the island. In Male’ some of the lily store employees have tested positive and it has created issues for the Dhoni passengers. It’s been noted the Dhoni has been in the jetty for four days.

The men on the speed boat consist of 2 Maldivian and 2 Bangladeshi nationals. They have tried to contact the local council but answer have be give by them. While the 4 people doesn’t have food. Family members of the 4 have been providing food for them. While the Dhoni have the same issue with Maldivian on board.

These vessels are asked to dock their boat inside the jetty and not to come on the island. They would quarantine on the boat until the task force and local council allows them to come on the island.

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