Please kindly corporate, We are going to hit our peak

Coronavirus first known case was uncovered in Wuhan, China. Since then the spread of the disease has not stopped from reaching all parts of the world. The Maldives also discovered its first Coronavirus case on 7 of March and have seen a huge growth in the infected case with 177 reported cases being discovered during the past 50 days.

As the number grows the first to report the number of cases is John Hopkins University website providing you with the latest numbers daily.

Looking at the charts, we can see a fearful number of the case could become positive. Since the discovery of its first case in Male’ the number of the case has been growing with more cases being reported especially within greater Male’ area. According to statistics on future cases, the number seems to be going upwards.

Also, the health protection agency has come out with there prediction on COVID-19. The agency has stated 2000 people could be killed within the Maldives. According to Dr Sheena said if effective preventive measures are not taken, and if the public does not corporate with the authorities to flatten the curve, the situation could become very deadly.

Even though with all these statistics and numbers of reported cases going up. A number of fined individuals are 461 and 5 arrest being made. Also, reports on social media have shown people giving death threats to police officers as they try to enforce lockdown restrictions.

We kindly urge the public to give there fullest support to the authorities in order to flatten the curve. As our resources are less and fears of growing numbers go up each day.

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