The government spends MVR 560 Million for COVID-17

The National Emergency Operations Center has said they have spend MVR 560 million on COVID-19. But later Majlis Speaker had stated that it was much more with MVR 595 Million spent.

Despite that, spokesman Mabrook Azeez has revealed the details and the figures that are spent on COVID-19 efforts. According to the spoke person the follow are listed below:

– MVR 84 for Disaster Trust Fund to grantee stable food for the country for the next ten months.

– MVR 386 Million was spend by Health Ministry and National Disaster Management Authority for medical equipment, testing equipment, PPE, reagent,medical supply including consumables, accounting for the entire operations of the National Emergency Operations Center.

– 7.3 million spend on Farukolhufushi with establishment and renovation.

– MVR 36 million was used on developing a strong medical facility that are being built in Hulhumale’. Which estimate to spend MVR 40 Million with everything.

– MVR 27 million was also spent on ICU facilities in five different region of the country.

– MVR 11 million funds for quarantine facility was sourced from the tourism funds.

– MVR 469,000 was spent for vilivaru facility set by the government back 6.6 Million.

– MVR 6.3 million to evacuate locals abroad include medical and students.

However, the following expenses have been spent by the government. Today, the government has already requested for 4. 2 billion emergency funds have been allocated with Parliament approving funds.

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