Health Minister Ameen has broken the law and regulation of the Majlis:  Nasheed

Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen has broken the laws and regulations says Majlis (Parliament) speaker of Majlis Mohamed Nasheed.

In a statement released by the Majlis (Parliament), Reference to a letter addressed by the Machangolhi Dhekunu Parliament MP Ahmed Haitham to Health Minister on 14th April. The statement noted that the Minister had failed to respond to the given deadline date of 27th April at 14:00. In reference to the law and regulation of Majlis (Parliament) each cabinet minister whom are brought forth for questioning or addressed in a letter must respond within a 14 day time frame.

According to the letter presented by Parliament member, the letter questions on the progress made by the Minister to bring much-needed ventilators to treat the COVID-19 patients. Until now no response has been given by the Minister on the letter sent to him on 14th April.

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