Concerns on Community spread in Sh. Narudhoo

On Tuesday, the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) has announced that a community spread of in Shaviyani Atoll Narudhoo due to recently positive case of the boat captain.

Speaking in a press conference Dr Ibrahim Afzal have noted nine people whom have come into contact with the boat captain of “Amaaz” have tested positive.

The nine individual whom have tested positive eight of them are from Narudhoo while one is from Milandhoo. Dr Afzal warned the cluster found in Amaaz boat is quite a large one and contact tracing are currently done through several islands. All islands whom are in connection with the cluster are currently placed under monitoring status.

The Maldives has recorded a significant hike in cases regarding the first community spread case which was discovered on 15 April in Male’ city. Currently, 250 has been confirmed in the Maldives.

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