First Death from COVID-19 confirmed in Maldives

Burial proceedings in Aasharaa cemetery

The Maldives has confirmed it’s first death from COVID-19 after 83-year-old women passed away in Male’ during evening hours. This has been confirmed via a press conference held by the Nation Emergency Operations Center (NEOC).

While authorised has revealed that the 83-year-old women have been in contact with a previous case. According to authorities women have been related to case number 126 whom is a 52-year-old man that tested positive for COVID-19 on April 24th. Maldives viewer has been notified the women’s sample tested positive for COVID-19 after she had passed away.

The name of the women has been noticed as Aminath Adam. Authorities have notified that the women were taken to hospital after complaints of breathing difficulties during Wednesday evening, and she was pronounced dead on arrival according to health minister Ameen during the press conference.

In a press, Dr Moosa Hussian had also spoken about the current patients which have been notified as 4 Maldivians and 1 foreign national that are currently receiving treated in the incentive care unit (ICU). The doctor has also noted 3 patients are currently under oxygen treatment and 2 medical personnel whom have exhibited symptoms have been isolated.

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