Maldivians in Russia repatriated

The government has on Wednesday stated 11 Maldivians in Russia have been repatriated even with travel restrictions on travel due COVID-19.

This has been confirmed by the spokesperson for COVID-19 Mabrook Azeez. Mabrook said when the opportunity was opened up only 11 Maldivians wanted to return. He noted that all locals in Russia were aware of flight and the returning Maldivians had paid for the flight.

The government has been making efforts to bring back many Maldivians whom are stranded in across the world the most recent being students in Bangladesh and Nepal with 71 Maldivians returning.

The national airline carriers have also been working to bring back many locals to the countries with flights to India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka being operated. As the current situation get worst with 280 confirmed cases and the first recorded death being reported just hours ago.

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