COVID19 aid bill proposed by opposition MP Saeed

Opposition MP Mohamed Saeed, Maavah constituency and the former economic minister has proposed a COVID-19 aid bill.

The bill has been submitted today to parliament. This bill would address key issues faced by locals and provide a relief to all Maldivians.

In reference to the bill, the first main points call on providing the petition scheme to be released to all Maldivians during these times and the amount to be provided in three different payment terms. The first payment to be released within 14 days of the bill becoming a law. Secondly, the bill calls upon the government to lower the flat fees that are sold by 50% within the next 6 months. The remaining amount to be paid within after six months of the loan. The bill also highlights several other lands and properties leased by the government. The bill also protects people whom are most vulnerable. The bill will allow people not do throw out there apartment for not being pay rent.

The bill also calls upon delaying students loans within a 90 days period of time until the airport and tourism resumes. Furthermore, the bill also has noted the to provide fuel at cost for fishermen without any profits for the government which would help the fishermen to go out to sea for fishing.

Hence, the bill also provides a lot of benefits for locals whom are going through a hard time during this COVID-19 outbreak. As the number of cases spikes up the bill would provide much-needed aid and assistance for all Maldivians citizens.

But until now the bill has not to be put on the parliament’s agenda by the parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

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