200 Maldivians to be repatriated from India

Authorities have revealed that 200 Maldivians would be repatriated from 9 different cities in India.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the cities where repatriation flights would be are Punjab, Delhi, Vellore, Kochin, Chennai, Kolkata, Gurugram, Rishikesh and Trivandrum

The foreign minister, the flights would operate only between Delhi – Male’ – Trivandrum – Male route. In relation to the flight, the people whom would be returning with this flight include people whom went for medical, people whom are stuck due to medical issue and people whom are taking long flight would return via this flight.

Authorities have noted people whom arrive from this flight would go under regular quarantine measure of 14 days as usual.

The government has confirmed that they would be hosting many more flights to bring back Maldivians whom are stranded in India.

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