Is Maldives losing the battle to contain COVID-19?

COVID-19 has hit like a thundering storm with many fatalities and lives claimed in the process. While the world was alarmed with the spread of the virus and countries was not ready to face such a storm.

While the world was battling with COVID-19. The Maldives was enjoying the days to its fullest as the government assured it citizens that is was safe. Many MP’s and state ministers ensure the government was very well prepared to battle the diseases in case of a COVID-19 outbreak. In regards to this Minister of Tourism in a press also spoke about the levels of preparedness and explained all the amazing colour code emergencies they have put in place. Also, MP Raai of Makunudhoo constituency said COVID-19 is just the normal flu and not be alarmed by it.

Unexpected, the first case of COVID-19 arrived in Maldives shores when you least expected it. When a guest in Kuredu Island Resort tested positive. Soon after this case of COVID-19, the case turn into a federal investigation where the government had to intervene in finding the cause of it.

After times passes with many new cases popping up in resorts but still there was no proper action plan in turn revelled. Until when the first case in Male’ city emerged on 15 April where everyone starts to panic when people started to go on panic buying. After lockdown receiving goods became tough with delivery systems being over pressured with unlimited numbers of orders and law enforcement had to step in. Which the community spread to go even further with delivery personal, army officers and police getting infected with reports coming out from various media sources.

The most shocking news came when government spokesperson Mabrook Azeez stating that the government have not got enough capacity to treat a large number of patients. While experts during press conference came up had warned that more than 2000 people could contract the virus.

After all this time the government had gone to foreign nations to ask for aid and revived various amounts of financial loans and donations. Yet the government has issues on medical supplies where it went to the extent that the Health Minister Abdulla Ameen was summoned to parliament to ask questions regarding the ventilators that have been ordered. But the responses seem to have been not sure reassuring to the parliament about the arrivals of government ordered ventilators.

Even though the government was working its level best to get everything planned out. Several donations of medical equipment came through from foreign business including Singapore’s Ong and Jack Ma donating millions dollars worth of goods. Although things were falling in place government still have worked to build isolation facilities and working through when the Chinese government sent over its materials and people to help in the efforts. By then parliament speaker Nasheed had revealed that 595 Million was spent on COVID-19 quarantine facilities in the parliament session on 26 April.

But thus far the government couldn’t stop the community spread as lockdown measure was not effective as locks and ex-pats are disobeying the rules as delivery systems were failing to keep up and unemployed created social problems. The community spread grows day by day with the spread amongst foreign nationals and Maldivians alike.

The government are still working on a plan to put together every key element and still working to contain the spread. Only with one Gulifalhu isolation properly finished and missing number of equipment to battle the spread.

We have to ask our government and ourselves are we losing the battle to contain the COVID-19 spread. Where are the money and donation? Where is the isolation facilities that are properly finished? Are we only over-dependent one nation or are we working in a proper manner? Or is it the oppositions faults?

The question remains how are we losing this battle with all the final aid and medical support from businessmen. We must ask ourselves is the government policy and plan working or are we to as individuals responsible for this.

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