77,000 people could get infected and 100 could die according to future projections

Authorities have revealed that at the current situation 77,000 more people could get infected with the disease according to Dr. Sheena Moosa.

Speaking at a press conference held in NEOC, Dr. Sheena Moosa said that according to the changes brought in lockdown the future projections have changed. At this situation, the research shows the infections would go up with 77,000 more people getting infected.

Health professional have also noted that 100’s of deaths may occur according to forecasted research.

Dr. Sheena Moosa also noted that the testing rate is low. If properly tested we could see 300 cases get positive in a day.

The government has come out with the following statistics in a press briefing held tonight. Previously the President has also noted it could become deadly in the coming weeks during his address.

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