If needed MVR 20 Billion should be printed to revive the economy: MP Shareef

Maradhoo constituency MP Ibrahim Shareef has said we are currently in a huge pit whole and if needed we must print MVR 20 Billion.

Speaking at a parliament session on Wednesday he said that the Maldives economy has the capability to roll out MVR 15 to 20 Billion into the economy. He stated that is this something that other countries do as well and mentioned that the United States had rolled out 2.5 trillion recently.

In a recent bill proposed by the government requesting the parliament to delay the financial responsibility act. Which the repayment period would delay. It has already put a huge toll on the economy with depth levels growing ever so high.

The ruling party MP proposal to the government could leave the country in financial ruins. The MP has no evidence to prove the following. Despite the MP remarks many economists and financial sector experts believe that with such measures the Maldives could face a lot of economic hardship and could leave the Maldivian Rufiyaa worthless.

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