MP Shiyam questions the govt. on why the 5 regional hospitals not being established

Naifaru constituency MP Ahmed Shiyam has questioned the government plan to established 5 hospital facility to battle COVID-19.

In reference to a press conference held on 13 April by the NEOC spokesperson, Mabrook Azeez had stated the government would establish 5 hospital facility across the Maldives to battle the spread of COVID-19.

The hospital facility which was supposed to be established according to a spokesperson is:

  • Shaviyahi Atoll: 20 ICU facility and 37 isolation facility
  • Baa Atoll: 20 ICU facility and 37 isolation facility
  • Laamu Atoll: 20 ICU facility and 37 isolation facility
  • Gaafu Alifu Atoll: 20 ICU facility and 12 isolation facility
  • Addu Atoll : 23 ICU facility and 22 isolation facility.

According to Mabrook, the hospital facilities would be established with intensive care units (ICU), isolation bed facilities and laboratories. He said they are working to establish the following within a short period of time.

Despite that following the government has announced its first COVID-19 case on Saturday with a man whom suffered a heart attack testing positive. Even though this may be the first case the mayor of Addu city Abdulla Sodiq (Sobe) earlier tweet of the establishment of a COVID-19 treatment centre in Addu Equatorial Hospital.

In regards to this, the MP questioned the government on the establishment of the hospital facilities and started the government had spent over MVR 680 Million questioning the government on what has been done with the amount of money spent.

Overall the following concerns have been raised by many MP’s on the situation. Concerns of local grow with the government fail to contain the virus.

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