Government policies are a complete failure: Opposition

People National Congress (PNC) President Abdul Raheem has stated that the opposition coalition is not in favour of government policies and government policies in battling COVID-19 pandemic.

PNC president stated the following in a tweet after Home Minister Imran’s in a press conference hand said that few opposition leaders are in support of governments policies and appreciates the government’s efforts in the handling of COVID-19 situation. The minister had stated the following during a press conference held on Monday and he also had highlighted that an opposition leader had called to the Home Minister by phone provided there full support on government policies and had stated that government is doing a great job of handling the COVID-19 situation. But the Minister had not relieved the identity as the individual whom called requested that identity of the individual must remain anonymous due to the PNC/PPM’s internal harmony.

Despite the following comments by the Home Minister, PNC President Abdul Raheem Abdulla has said the government policies are a complete failure and negligence from the government are seen in this situation. PNC president also stated that the government trying to shut down anyone whom speak on the injustice caused by the government and noted that the no opposition leaders are in favour of the government policies.

Until now a lot of Maldivians have also criticized the governments handling of the situation and had spoken on failures in handling the COVID-19.

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