MP Saeed submits a special bill to reduce flat fees by 50 percent

Maavah Constituency MP Mohamed Saeed has proposed a bill to reduce fees by 50 percent on social house flats which were sold by the government.

The bill was proposed under the COVID-19 assistance aid bill. This bill proposed will reduces monthly fee’s by 50 percent for a period of six months period and the amount would later be repaid.

This bill also helps people whom are unable to pay the rent not be evicted. Once the Velana International Airport is open they could arrange the payments to be made to repaid once the tourism commences.

Until now many proposed bills proposed by the opposition has always been thrown out by the supermajority government coalition. Previously MP Saeed special bills for COVID-19 aid bill was thrown out by parliament speaker Mohamed Nasheed on the grounds that members would not be able to submit such bill as it refers to government aid.

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