MP Shiyam pushes for COVID-19 testing in Addu

Naifaru Consistency MP Ahmed Shiyam is pushing Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration to establish COVID-19 testing capabilities in Addu city.

The MP has put through a special motion as a matter of urgent inquiry to the parliament floor. According to the MP Addu has over 35000 population which is the second-largest next to Male’ city and testing capacity is required as each sample are brought in by a charter to Male’ flight costing so much time to help the patients.

MP Shiyam had also put in several important points in the special motion such as medical staff being trained and creating as an action plan to stop help the community spread in Addu.

The MP has noted that special motion is required as several concerns are brought by Health Professional having less no PPE equipment and plans.

Even though these motions are very critical previous important motions have been thrown out by the supermajority MDP parliament and several bills have also been thrown out before putting even to Majlis agenda. While the supermajority Addu MP’s are from the ruling party none of the Addu MP’s has proposed the following to help its constituents.

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