Why are Thiladhunmathi atolls excluded in the establishment of COVID-19 testing facility?

The government has announced that it is ramping up testing facilities to 1000 per day. According to Mabrook Azeez, the government plans on to ramp up COVID-19 testing facility in Male’ city.

Since the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, the government has said it is well prepared for the worst-case scenario outbreak. Tourism Minister has come on several press conference and told they are ready. Until now testing has been only done within the central capital Male’ and government has been charting flights to bring each sample to Male’ for testing from islands.

Until now the government has not planned any COVID-19 testing facilities for the islands until a suspected case from Addu sparked fear of a community widespread in the second largest population next Male’. Since then opposition MP Shiyam has put forth a special motion to push for COVID-19 testing in Addu city. Which he received heavy criticism from Addu MP’s for proposing such a bill when a supermajority government MP’s represented the atoll. This is the first time an MP proposes a bill to establish COVID-19 testing facility outside of Male’.

Despite the following, The government and supermajority MP’s from the ruling party has forgotten about the establishment of COVID-19 testing facility in Thiladhunmathi atolls. While one case has been detected in Haa Alif Uligan. Widespread fear ramps up as several cases close to the island have popped up. Currently, the only MP who has spoken about the negligence governments have put toward Thiladhimathi atolls is Nolhivaram MP Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla. He had stated that the governments always neglected and forgot about Thiladhunmathi over and over again.

Even though Thiladhunmathi seats are held by a supermajority Maldivian Democratic Party. None of the Thiladhunmathi MP’s has spoken about testing facility in Thiladhunmathi accept for Nolhivaram MP whom is an independent member.

Even though this may be the case many people is the question of why Thiladhunmathi get the same facilities as Addu. This is a big question asked by the people of Thiladhunmathi right now as the people of Thiladhunmathi gave the full majority to help them. The question remains why is Thiladhunmathi excluded.

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