MP accuses two other MP’s of using their influence to violate travel restrictions

MP Abdulla Saneef of South Thinadhoo contingency has accused two other ruling party members of using there influence to violate the travel restriction by travelling to Male’ during the time when the whole country was on lockdown by using their positions to take advantage.

MP Saneef had accused MP Abdulla Mughny of Thinadhoo Uthuru contingency and MP Hussain Firushan of Madaveli contingency. Speaking at today’s committee on member privileges and ethics he states these two members have taken unfair advantages of there positions and travelled to Male’ during the lockdown.

The actual issue was targeted actually on MP Abdulla Riyaz whom travelled to his contingency of Thimarafushi during the lockdown. This issue was submitted by Moosa Siraj of Laamu atoll Fonadhoo in a letter to the parliament speaker.

In the meeting, MP Riyaz was not found in violation of travel restrictions as he got the proper documents from authorities. While MP’s agree upon this point, MP Saneef was quite vocal on these points.

MP Saneef heavily criticised the authorise for allowing special few to travel while people with urgent and essential reasons are not allowed to travel. He pointed out that he does not believe these permits were given on a set policy or procedures but only with influence. Furthermore, he said permits should not be given just giving a phone call to the police commissioner.

However, MP Saneef did not submit inquiry towards his Maldivian Democratic Party members. But another MP Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla of Nolhivaram constituency has submitted an inquiry to look into how the two MP’s got to travel during the time of lockdown.

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