Maldives police gear up for to use tasers

Maldives Police Service will start to use electrical tasers. This would be an install in their utility belts.

The “small taser” weapon which would send high-powered non-lethal electric shocks to uncooperative protestants or assailants.

The Police commissioner Mohamed Hameed announced via Twitter when he uploaded police officers using tasers. The Police Commissioner stated the aim of this was to further improve officers safety and public protections.

Maldives Public for a considerable length of time have raised worries over absence of appropriate defensive and protective apparatus for neighborhood law enforcement officers which has neutralized the de-heightening of criminal and fierce direct. To support this parliament have also amended several laws in the police act to empower local police officers in combating crime in the Maldives.

In regards to the following heavy criticism has been met on the following.

However, weaponizing officers have been met with polarizing opinion.

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