Parliament committee approves pay cuts on Judges

The Parliament approves pay cuts on Monday for Judges and magistrates.

The committee has made the decision to slash salaries of all officials who earn above MVR 20,000 and whose appointment needs approval from Parliament.

The committee voted to cut 20 per cent off for those whom earn MVR 20,000 to MVR 30,000. 30 per cent was cut for those whom earn MVR 30,001 to MVR 60,000 and MVR 65,001 above by 35 per cent.

This consist of the changes to pay off public servants announced by the finance ministry. Due to this deduction would low ranking judges to earn more high ranking judges. This deduction on courts would be applicable for Criminal Court, Civil Court, Family Court, Drug Court, Juvenile Court and magistrate courts by fixed amounts.

The following motion was proposed by MP Abdulla Yauqoob of Dhandhoo constituency and supported by MP Abdulla Riyaz of Thimarafushi constituency. The motion was passed with all members whom attended the meeting with unanimous consensus.

The salaries cuts would come into effect for May, June and July

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