Maldives government proposes new guidelines for tourism reopening

The government has started to formulate new plans in order to revive the tourism sector in the Maldives.

The following draft has released by the ministry of tourism:

Safety Tourism Resort License

US$ 50,000 fee for safe tourism license would be applicable. This safety assurance would be issued for resorts whom follow the below regulation:

  • The resort needs to allocate 10% guest isolation and another 10% for staff isolation.
  • Guest and staff must know how to use PPE
  • Staff needs to know to disinfect
  • Emergency procedures must be in place to deal with COVID-19 case.
  • PPE equipment must be maintained in the resort
  • Resort must have a doctor and nurse.

Entry to Maldives

Safety tourism license is required before confirming the booking and a special tourist arrival visa of US$ 100 will be charged and this special tourist visa will apply tourist whom is willing to stay for 14 nights or more.

Tourist also required to present a medical certificate not more than 7 days old for antigen PCR testing which confirms negative for COVID-19.

It is compulsory to undergo a PCR test upon arrival which cost US$ 100 per test.

Reopening Timeline

Tourism ministry proposed a time of opening access to charter flight and commercial airline a month later from July 1st 2020. But guest house will permitted to open from August 1st 2020 while has no plan to allow cruise ship to the country.

Private jet would be allowed to land from June 1st on wards with a landing fee of 50,000 Private jets and super yachts will be charged an entry fee of USD 10,000 to enter Maldives.

Guest transportation and receiving

Airport across required to have disinfection process for luggage, body and travel documents of visitors. All staff are required to have mandatory protective gear such as a facemask and gloves should be maintained 1 meter between the tourist and staff.

While speedboats, transportation and aircraft carrying tourist to liveaboards or resorts will have to keep every alternate seat vacant.

Guesthouse tourist facilities need to escort directly to the rooms without waiting for check-in procedures at the reception. Guest should be provided online check-in form.

The tourism ministry has noted these policies would be applicable until September 2020 until the government extend the following. Currently, the policy is open for comment

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