Safe tourism guidelines to be re-drafted

The Minister of Tourism has announced that the majority fees would be cancelled as of the current tourism guidelines.

Speaking at the Parliament economic committee when he mentioned the draft was not the final one and due to the current situation many fees included may change.

The minister noted that the document released for public review had unclear guidelines and content which created few concerns.

During the meeting, the minister had said a third draft is being formulated and said no other fees what was previously charged before the lockdown by the Maldives would be included in the guidelines. The minister also stated that their intention was not to show the Maldives as an expensive destination and fees for pre-opening are not going to be added in the new draft that they would be presenting. He noted that they are currently in discussion with all stakeholders and working to draft a paper based on feedback from all.

Since late march on arrival visa for the Maldives has been stopped due to coronavirus pandemic. However, the government initial plan was targeted to attract Private Jets and Superyachts by June. With the following month of July to attract commercial flights to recommence in July.

Under the policy released tourist were to be accommodated in specific resorts which had special licences from the ministry and special requirement need to be met for these resorts. For this, a special fee of 50,000 would be required for the licence.

The policy would include 50,000 for Private Jets and 10,000 for Superyachts as fees. The tourist visa fee of 100 dollars and an additional 100 dollar fee to be paid for PRC test.

When the following draft has released the ministry noted that the following guidelines were not the final and the documents are shared with all are still under discussion.

The following draft has drawn huge criticism towards the government for the outrages charges and fees placed on all. In response to this the minister has send the draft go parliament to review the following.

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