Phase one of Lockdown easement announced

Government has announced lockdown easement during a press conference held in the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC).

Speaking at a press conference Health Minister Abdullah Ameen the following easement would be done in phases. The Minister stated the following is phase one is now going to be implemented which would be for two weeks only.

The minister has said in Phase one schools, government offices, cafes, and restaurants, as well as gyms and salons, would remain closed during the first week.

The minister had also noted essential services would be opened such as shops which include supermarkets, bakeries, hardware shops, bookshops and small shops. The minister also highlighted that private office would be able to operate with a special permit and government offices would be giving out essential services to the public.

As per other business, the minister noted that Mobile and electronic shops, as well as a garment, cosmetic shops and local businesses, will be allowed to operate online.

However, the Fish Market would be open in the first phase. Along with some clinics. The minister also stated some public transportation services would not available excluding taxi’s and pickup services would be permitted to operate in phase one.

Furthermore, the minister noted that easement of Phase one will begin on Thursday. He noted that if the situation worsens the next two weeks the government would go into lockdown again.

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