Opposition MP Shiyam forcefully removed for opposing the amendment to the constitution

Member of Parliament for Naifaru Constituency and Opposition Vice President MP Ahmed Shiyam has been forcefully removed from Majlis meeting.

MP Shiyam was removed by the ruling party parliament members for protesting the decision to amend the constitution. The opposition 9 members called on the ruling parliament member not push or hurt MP Shiyam during the removal. However, several parliament members has push and used force to push out MP Shiyam out of the chamber. During this incident, Deputy Speaker of Majlis MP Eva Abdulla had kick MP Hussien Latheefs back during this removal of MP shiyam.

Earlier opposition coalition has released a press release that the coalition does not support amending the constitution as it contravenes the ruling set out by the Supreme court of Maldives and it violates the parliamentary ruling procedures.

During the removal, MP Shiyam sustained several injuries along with few parts of the shirt being tone during the force removal.

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