Another unborn baby death reported

Another unborn Baby case of intra-untrine fetal death has been reported in the Maldives.

Earlier two cases have been reported from the island of Sh. Narudhoo and A.A Thoadhoo. This time the cases was reported from H.A Baarah marking the third such case within two months. Another case also have a raised where two babies passing in Kudahuvadhoo after giving birth.

According to sources the couple had went to Dhidhoo hospital and was informed there was no way to scan for the baby and was asked to go to Kulhudhuffushi hospital. After issues in delays in arranging Aasandha medical care. The couple had rented a speedboat due delays and once in Kulhudhuffushi hospital scanned had revealed that the baby had died.

After the tragic news, the couple requested to leave back to there island because they had no means to pay for the women hospitalisation. Earlier the couple had shared financial instability with the council and it was reported that MP Ahmed Abdulla had taken care of their transportation to Dhidhoo after Aasadha had failed to be arranged. It has been also noted that the couple had faced issue in travel due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

In regards to the following death, there has been no comment from both of the hospitals.

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