State prioritizes real estate profits over housing difficulties

The recent announcement to sell land plots in Hulhumale’ phase two by Housing Developments Corporation has sparked heated criticism over the decision to gain profit from this megacity development.

Hulhumale’ development project was established in 1997 to overcome the housing issue faced in Male’ city and the project was started during the President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom administration with the help of the Belgium government.

Since then Hulhumale has seen a large population growth and mega-development projects pour into the city which hiking up real estate price to more towards premium pricing. This had lead to many people whom are homeless and face housing difficulties to unable to receive affordable housing from the megacity development project.

During many previous administrations, several social housing projects have been conducted to aid the housing problem but cases of corruption and nepotism have to lead to people who need the most being left out with flats and land plots provided to for the rich. In response, these claims many governments have denied that any form of corruption or nepotism has occurred while giving out the housing units.

Despite these allegations on previous administrations by the current government. Which has always accused of the previous administration for favouring the rich over the poor Maldivian citizen and forcing everyone to migrate to the greater Male’ region creating a more social problem for both Male’ residence and local islanders.

In light of this current administration has now been voted in by the people with the promise to resolve this problem. President Solih has also pledged that he would find a solution to the housing issue in the Male’. He has also stated he would develop other cities and would introduce a more decentralised form development to the Maldives. Which has also sparked criticism over the administration due to its lower progress in forming such a system even with the majority of parliament.

Even though many administration changes the objective has remained the same with the current administration going ahead in selling off land plots to the higher bidder. While the housing needs of the poor are not being met.

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