Maavarulu Airport scheduled to open in 1st July

Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation on Thursday has announced that Gaafu Dhaalhu Maavarulu Airport is scheduled to open on July 1.

The airport was originally scheduled to open on 20 March but was later postponed due to corona virus situation and has rescheduled three times ever since.

The Ministry in the afternoon has released a statement announcing that it would re-open on July 1. The announcement comes after the Minister of State for Transport, Ahmed Zuhair met with the Parliaments National Development and Heritage Committee two weeks ago and noted that Maavarulu will open when the boarder opens.

Construction on the airport began in June 2018 with 1.2 kilometre runways, taxiway and passenger jetty. The construction job was awarded to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC). The first test for Maavarulu airport landed on March 11.

Additionally Gaafu Dhaalu Faresmaathoda airport is also under development as a part of building a bridge between island which lay the distance of a speedboat ride of 30 minutes more.

The project was planned started during president yameen’s administration and has carried on until now.

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