MACL expects 10 flights daily to land in the Maldives

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) expects 10 flights would be landing daily once the country re-open its borders according to Ibrahim Hussain, Terminal Manager at MACL.

Speaking at the parliamentary committee on State-Owned Enterprise, Hussain stated that the company is hopeful 10 international flights would be arriving according to the number of slots reserved by the airlines.

He noted that 10 airlines including frequent carriers are amongst the airlines. Hussain said Sri-Lankan airlines have scheduled 3 flights per day while Qatar proposed 1 flight per day once the borders open in 1st July.

He noted that Emirates has proposed one flight per day starting from 15th of July and Ethihad plans to do one flight once a week. Several other airlines like Hongkong Airlines proposed two flights a week and Indigo propose to hold two flights per day.

Singapore Airlines has also proposed one flight daily and Silk Airline has said that it wanted to schedule two flights per day. Turkish airlines have proposed to hold two flights per day for five days a week.

As the airport gears up to welcome guest back to the Maldives. Several resorts have also started to prepare for the border opening in July.

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