Safari Rape case investigation still ongoing

Maldives Police Service arrested two Maldivian males after receiving reports of sexual assault aboard a safari around 0500hrs early Friday. The both men whom has been arrested are age 39 and was arrested directly from the crime scene.

The suspects was brought into police custody after allegations of rape from expatriate female’ onboard the berthed safari was reported. The police confirmed the incident was reported sometime around 05:00 hrs of Thursday morning in a previous week.

Despite the following arrest the following two suspects has been release on Saturday as authorities have noted that no substantial evidence or reason to keep under the police custody was found.

Even though the police has released the suspects. It has been reported that police are currently investigating the case. While the case is being investigated by the police, Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) and the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Gender have begun there own investigations into the case involving the sexual assault of an expatriate worker. Several Parliament member are also pushing to see if any negligence by police are found during the investigation.

Furthermore, controversies surrounding the case has surfaced on social media with MP Jeehan coming under heavy criticized on her links to the case. However, there has not been any evidence or comments on the following from authorities. The police has also raised concerns over the the social media being flooded with claims on suspected two individuals.

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