Former President Yameen faces charges over Raa Fuh’giri lease

Prosecutor General’s Office on Sunday has pressed charges over a another case against former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom over money laundering charges and accepting bribes on Raa Fuh’giri island being leased for tourism development.

The former president Yameen faces charges of exerting undue influence to acquire USD 1.1 million (MVR 17.2 million) during the leasing processing. The laundered of funds through seems to have went through Sun Investment Private Limited and Sun Construction and Engineering Private Limited.

According to the PG office, the charges against the former president Yameen was raised under Article 5, Section (a) and Article 53, Section (a) and (b) of the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Act. The former president was also charged under Article 510, Section (a) and (d) of the Penal code.

Also, charges have been made towards Sun Construction and Sun investment under Article 5 Section (a), Article 53, Section (a) and (b) as well as Article 58, Section (a) of the Money Laundering Act.

Despite the following cases made on two another individual has also been charged. Ahmed Kirk Risha faces charges under Article 7, Section (a) and (b) of the Prevention and Prohibition.

The investigation into the case was conducted by Maldives Police Service along with Anti-Corruption Commission and Presidential Commission on Corruption and Asset Recovery.

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