Pres. Yameen is used as a distraction to cover-up government failures: Abdul Raheem Abdullah

Former Parliament Member of Fonadhoo Constituency and People National Congress President Abdul Raheem Abdullah has stated that President Yameen is used as a distraction to cover-up government failures.

Speaking at a press conference held today by the Progressive Congress Coalition at 14:30, Abdul Raheem Abdullah said the government is trying to cover up all of the rape, corruption and unlawful legislative amendments by using President Yameen as a tool to distract the people.

During the press conference, Abdul Raheem highlighted that the government only focuses on placing charges on President Yameen and targets only investigating specific cases. He also noted that the recent rape case is being stalled and proceeding with President Yameen’s case only because of a political rivalry.

He also noted that PG shameem is only looking to target specific cases. Abdul Raheem questioned PG’s integrity and asked the PG to clarify why charges are only pursed against the opposition. He highlighted that the MMPRC scandal includes government officials and asked charges are been placed on those individuals. Abdul Raheem further pointed out that the government’s claims are politically motivated and have no proper claims to charge against the president Yameen.

Furthermore, Abdul Raheem criticised the government official, including parliament speaker and president. He also called upon the government to release president Yameen.

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