Former Minister Ali Waheed summoned to police for questioning

Former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has been summoned by Maldives Police Services for questioning into his allegation for sexual harassment and assault of multiple female employees at Tourism Ministry.

He was summon to Shaheed Hussien Adam Build approximately 08:30 pm on Sunday. A statement was also released by the police stating that Ali Waheed has been summon for questioning

The Maldives Police Services Launched an investigation into the case on July 8th which was the same day the Tourism Ministeries employees raised complained about sexual harassment and assault case against Former Minister Ali Waheed to the President and Gender Ministery.

Soon After the Presidents meeting with Tourism Ministries employees, The President has order the Tourism Ministry employees has demaned the resignation and dimissed the following after faling resign voluntarily tender his resignation.

The Police has also searched Ali Waheeds residence on July 11 during which the police seized his mobile and laptop. The Police has also taken out an order banning the former minister from travlling outside of the country the following day.

Speaking at a press conference previous week, the police has stated that statements from 15 people have been taken in connection to the case. However, the police did not verify whether the 15 people either it was the victims. It has also noted that several key figures in tourism ministry has been also accused of the following cases.

Ali Waheed marked as the first cabinet minister to be dismissed on sexual harassment in the Maldives History. Currently, All responsibility has temporarily been taken over by the Economic Minister Ahmed Fayyaz

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