STELCO / Fenaka notifies that electricity consumption is high and the bills may increase

Utility services providers State Electric Companies and Fenaka Corporation have notified it customers that electricity bill maybe higher the following month due to high energy consumption.

Speaking at a press conference Environment Ministry on Monday STELCO’s general manager Hussain Fahmy according to the data collected by the company its shows a rise in electricity consumption by house holds.

Fahmy asked consumers to avoid electricity wastage and noted that using a small step can go long way towards saving energy. Fahmy also requested that company has made several visit to several house holds with high electricity bills. He noted that after checking they couldn’t find any issue with meter boards and had not found any inconstancy with the bills.

Fenaka Corporation deputy director Ahmed Najah also advised to save energy and said the months of March till April that energy consumption reach its speak this year.


  • January: 15.7 million units
  • February: 16.6 million units
  • March: 17.3 million units
  • April: 21.1 million units
  • May: 20.2 million units
  • June: 19.5 million units

The following warning from both utilities providers have sparked a lot complains and customers are going on social media to express anger towards the electricity bills.

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