Criminal court orders to release Two detained protesters

The Criminal Court has placed an order to release two individual arrested from last night opposition protest that took place in Male’ City.

The court order to release were presented today and decided their detention. Lawyers team of the two individuals has confirmed the news following to local media outlets today. Until now no comment has been available on the matter from thus far from authorities.

The Protesters was arrested on opposition parties PNC-PPM which was held in Chaandhany Magu and Majeedhee Magu junction last night. Police attempted to disperseed the protesters from the area which led the protesters to weave into other small roads of the area before trying to gather on to Majeedhee Magu. The two was arrested for disobeying the police.

The protesters around 100-150 individuals were led by senior opposition figures and many of them are former civil servants in the previous administration. Opposition parties also announced they would continue the protest tonight as well.

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