Public Health Emergency in the Maldives extended until September 6

Minister of Health Abdulla Ameen on Friday night has extended Public Health Emergency. The declaration in Maldives is done due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has been extended till September 6.

Prior to this 24 days has been added for the Public Health Emergency. The government has declared the public health emergency now for over 5 months. The first-ever state of public health emergency was declared under Section 33 of 7/2012 Public health act on March 12 for the 30 day period. Since then it has been extended until July 14 till August 7.

The Maldives has reported 4,769 confirmed cases and 1,996 active COVID-19 cases along with 2,754 recoveries and 19 death thus far. The number of cases seem to be grown with daily reported cases coming with high numbers.

The rise in the number of COVID-19 case per capita was recorded loaw in the months of May and June however the number of COVID-19 cases rose soon after with many local’s getting infected with many cases daily. The number of cases has also been reported to grow outside of Male’ city where many local in the south and north islands getting effected.

Even though the following declaration has been reported many have noted that economic repercussion can be high if the government orders a second lock down. Authorities have reported safety guidelines and striker measures to by fining anyone without a mask and introducing travel restriction for Male’.

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