Second round of income support allowance opened

Economic Ministry has opened up application for second round of income support allowance. An allowance was introduced as financial support to people which livelihood have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic so they are able to meet their essential needs.

The second round of the program would be targeted to release of income support allowance for July, August and September.

Income support allowance for the month of July and August will be close on August 31, while application for income support allowance for September will open on September 1.

Application for income support needs to supported through JobCenter.

Economic Ministry states that for those whom previously was unable to submit needs their application be to registered with efaas and submit their applications online.

A total MVR 5,000 would be release as income allowance support through National Social Protection Agency (NSPA). The application for those whom have been laid off or put on no-pay leave or lost their income sources would be allowed the support.

While people whom have are subjected to pay or income reduction would be eligible for the allowance if their reduced pay or income lower than MVR 5,000 and even for reduced pay or income lower than MVR 5,000. They will not be eligible the full allowance but would receive the difference.

The Finance Ministry previous has stated that they distributed MVR 35.1 million income support to 8,488 applicants during the first round on of the program.

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