JA manafaru terminates over 60 Maldivian employees

JA manafaru resort located in Haa Alifu Atoll has terminated 68 Maldivian employees from the resort.

According the people whom has been terminated many of the locals from Dhidhoo, Ihavandhoo and Hoarafushi Island are among-st the terminated employees. It has been noted that the majority of termination are from Hoarafushi which includes 24 employees.

Speaking with an terminated employee its has been confirmed that several foreign employees has also been terminated. It was reported that the resort would pay 400 dollars and 2 months salaries to support the employees along with letting the staff whom hasn’t taken annual leave to go on leave.

Since the beginning of Pandemic many resorts has been terminating several staff due to the fall of tourist arrival. This is one of the key resort that has terminated majority of employees after Shangri-La in the South. It has been reported that many resort would be letting go of many staff and families would be falling into poverty.

Despite the following situation the government has introduced income support to families and are now providing income to qualified people. But the government has come heavy criticism over the following income support as claims of favoring certain people has been reported on social media.

Overall, many expats has reported that Maldives tourism growth would be slow till the end of the year.

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