Police arrest 41 during the motorcycle rally

Maldives Police Services make 41 arrests after dispersing a motorcycle rally held in Male’ city on Saturday by Opposition Party.

The Police confirmed on Saturday evening stated that 41 people are taken into custody. The following people were taken into custody for violation for violating HPA’s guidelines and putting the safety of the community at risk due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even though the opposition PPM-PNC coalition denies involvement in organizing the rally but many of the following senior officials from the opposition leaders have been in attendance of the rally.

After the police stopped the motorcycle in the rally was towed away and making the arrest of all participants attempting to continue with the rally on foot but were eventually dispersed by the police.

The rally had was organized after the police had issued a statement warning legal action against organization and participants of a public gathering held in violation of HPA’s guidelines earlier this Saturday.

Previously, Opposition had held a motor cycle rally on August 28th. After the rally PPM and PNC were each fined MVR 75,000 by Elections Commission (EC) under Freedom of Assembly Act and guidelines issued by HPA under the Public Health Act.

Its been reported senior officials of both parties has been fined including the former President Mohamed Waheed Hassan.

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