A’ Level Students who test positive will sit in a separate hall

Education Ministry has announced that they have planned to put all COVID-19 tested positive students in separate hall. The student has been identified as contact of confirmed cases and these students would do A’ Level exam while remaining isolation from all other students.

Speaking at press conference, Deputy Education Minister Mohamed Ihsan stated that the measure was taken to ensure the health and safety of the students whom would be sitting for the exam. Inshan has also stated it is not uncommon for students are unable to attended exam halls and take the exam with the rest of student during international examination either due to health condition or other circumstances.

Ihsan highlighted that majority of number of student whom will sit for the A’ Level exams would be from the Center for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE). He noted that approximately 470 CHSE students are planned to sit for the their exams. Hall in Iskandhar School, Arabiyya School and Ameeniya School in addition to the hall in CHSE will used to ensure that social distancing.

He also pointed that similar arrangement would be available in other centers in Male’ region. He further pointed that students from the atoll taking the A’ Level exams are fewer in number.

Students from 33 centers in the atolls will be taking their A’ Level exams this year. However this year it has been particularly hard as COVID-19 spread in the Maldives increased day by day due to COVID-19.

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