Corruption charges brought toward former Islamic Minister

The Prosecutor General Office (PG Office) has stated that former Islamic Minister, Dr. Ahmed Ziyad are being in charged in connection with the irregularities in the agreement between the Ministry and SG Construction company with the possibility of corruption in the development of Dharul Zikura mosque.

In response to the following corruption case has been filed by Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) filed with the PG office to purse the indictment on 17 September 2020.

According to PG office stated that during Dr. Ziyad administration as Islamic Minister had went outside the law in a way that cause losses to the government to build a ten-story building on the land of Zikura mosque after the proposal from the SG contractions. The following agreement had made the government to pay MVR 30 million paid as equity to SG Construction and the company had gain huge profit without any gain to the state.

The following shows that Former Islamic Minister has been charged with abuse of officials authority.

The case also brought against the Head of the Endorsement Section of the Islamic Ministry, Ibrahim Abdulla Saeed as well for approving the proposal from the SG Construction against the recommendation of the technical reports on the proposal without proper information that is mandatory for the agreement.

Even though the cases has been filed with PG office but the possession of the information has not released by the Ministry hence the ACC has advised to consult with Maldives Police regarding the criminal investigation. The ACC has also advised to follow on the possibility for the criminal investigation against W&S Overseas PTE and people whom are involved the process.

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