Guest house would be permitted to re-open if they meet the requirements

The Ministry of Tourism has stated that guesthouse would be allowed to open if they meet the certain requirement. These requirements would allow the re-opening of guest house in October.

Guesthouses has been closed their operations around March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The government has since announced the guesthouse would be permitted to restart operation on October 15.

The following was confirmed by the Deputy Tourism Minister Assad Riza. According to last night press conference Deputy Tourism Minister guesthouses with a COVID-19 safety plan would be permitted to re-open. According to the minister guesthouses must forward these plans to the Ministry upon which councils in the island would inspect the facility to ensure that safety measure are in place.

In refence to the policy, A designated room for isolation along with focal points must be designated from every guesthouse and signboards for safety measure must be placed in the guesthouse to operate. Also guesthouse must be equipped with PPE’s equipment and must be kept in stock at the guesthouse. The guest house are also required to take measure for staff as well. This includes including shower arrangements for staffs along with uniform change area’s made to be available at the guest before staff leave duty for the day.

Furthermore, Islanders must be also made aware of the safety measures of the situation along with flu clinic must be also established in the islands before the guest are allowed to re-open. It has also

Islanders must also be made aware of the safety measures and the situation and a flu clinic must be established in the island before the guesthouses are to reopen. A sufficient amount of PPEs and test kits must be kept in stock at the flu clinic as well. The resident of the islands are also required to wear mask while being outside and taxis are also required to follow the guidelines.

Even though guest houses in other area’s are permitted to re-open. Guest house in Male’ area would be only allow to re-open once the following case are kept below 5 percent for 28 days.

As the pandemic keeps spreading in the Maldives, Tourism business are reported to have been hit hardest as many companies in the Maldives whom have huge loan’s are facing serious issues.

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